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RecFusion is available in three variants, providing the right solution for every use case. Discover the key features and learn what distinguishes the different variants.

Sample Scans

Key Features

Real-time reconstruction

Reconstruct objects interactively in real-time. See how the 3D model builds up on your screen and adjust the camera movement to get the best result.

Advanced Post-Processing

Post-process scans with a number of advanced processing tools such as scan cleaning, hole filling and high-resolution texturing.

Record sequences

Record the depth and color data for later viewing and reconstruction. This allows you to try different reconstruction settings on the same sequence to obtain the best result. You can also record and reconstruct simultaneously.

Support of multiple depth sensors

  • Azure Kinect
  • Intel RealSense D415, D435, D435i, SR305, SR300
  • Orbbec Astra, Astra S, Astra mini, Astra mini S
  • PrimeSense depth sensors
  • Kinect v1 (Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect)
  • Asus Xtion Pro Live

Sensor Settings

Adjust sensor settings to achieve the best possible results

  • Use of the full color sensor resolution yielding high quality colors
  • Control exposure and white-balance as well as other advanced sensor settings to get the best texture quality


Mesh post-processing

Clean up the reconstructed 3D model using built-in post-processing tools.

  • Close holes in the mesh to make it suitable for 3D printing
  • Smooth the mesh and reduce the number of triangles
  • Remove unwanted geometry by removing small connected components or cropping the mesh
  • Add socket to reconstruction for easier 3D printing
  • Specify size of exported mesh
  • Create hollow mesh for less material use when 3D printing
  • View the keyframes used for texturing as overlays on top of the mesh


Save all projects settings in a workspace. Reloading the workspace restores all settings so that a scan can be performed right away


Export the 3D model to standard file formats (PLY, OBJ, VRML, STL, PCD and XYZ).

Post-Processing Samples




Hole Filling

High-Quality Texturing​


Plug & play solution for single sensor scanning

RecFusion is the ideal solution for hand-held high-quality scanning. Best suited for personal body scanning use and digitization of objects.


RecFusion Pro

Multi-Sensor Scanning

In addition to all RecFusion features with the Pro version you can save time and effort by capturing simultaneously with multiple cameras. Ensure reproducibility and constant scan times by creating your own scanning setup like a scanning booth!


RecFusion SDK

Integrate RecFusion into your application

With our SDK you can create you own scanning application with minimal effort. All mesh post-processing features are also available and you can integrate any RGB-D sensor by directly supplying the sensor data to the SDK.


Feature Comparison

  • RecFusion
  • RecFusion Pro
  • RecFusion SDK
Features RecFusion RecFusion Pro RecFusion SDK
Real-time 3D reconstruction
Multi-sensor support
Mesh decimation
Mesh smoothing
Mesh edge removal
Mesh cropping
Mesh cleaning
Mesh color manipulation
Adding socket (base for 3D print)
Hole filling
High quality texture mapping
Export in obj, ply, stl
Custom development possible


Sensor Support


  • Intel RealSense L515 (from RecFusion 2.1 and RecFusion Pro 2.1, single sensor scanning only for now)
  • Azure Kinect (from RecFusion 2.0 and RecFusion Pro 2.0)
  • Intel RealSense D415, D435 (from RecFusion 1.7.0 and RecFusion Pro 1.3.0)
  • Intel RealSense D435i (from RecFusion 1.8.4 and RecFusion Pro 1.4.4)
  • Intel RealSense D455 (from RecFusion 2.2 and RecFusion Pro 2.2)
  • Intel RealSense SR305 (single sensor scanning only, from RecFusion 1.8.6 and RecFusion Pro 1.4.7)
  • Intel RealSense SR300 (single sensor scanning only)
  • Intel RealSense F200, R200, ZR300 (up to RecFusion 1.6.x and RecFusion Pro 1.2.x)
  • Orbbec Astra, Astra S, Astra mini, Astra mini S
  • PrimeSense depth sensors
  • Kinect v1 (Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect)
  • Asus Xtion Pro Live

Not supported

  • Orbbec Astra Pro, Pro S, Persee, Embedded S, Plus
  • Microsoft Kinect v2 (i.e. Microsoft Xbox One Kinect)
  • Asus Xtion 2

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 5th generation or equivalent AMD Ryzen
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 950 or equivalent AMD with at least 4 GB of memory

Recommended system requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5, i7 or equivalent AMD Ryzen not older than 3-4 years from release
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 or equivalent AMD with at least 4 GB of memory (Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti or equivalent AMD for 5 sensors used simultaneously)

Sensor Drivers

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