3D Scanning Solutions

Create 3D models in real-time with your RGB-D sensor

Key Features

Rapid Digitization

Perform scans in real-time. Ideal for all applications requiring instant feedback such as body size measurement, size suggestion systems and scanning people at events.

Advanced Post-Processing

Post-process scans with a number of advanced processing tools such as scan cleaning, hole filling and high-resolution texturing.

Multi-Sensor Scanning

Use multi-sensor setups to ensure fast, consistent and reproducible captures without relying on user-dependent handheld scanning.

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Plug & play solution for single sensor scanning

Perform hand-held high-quality scanning with a large variety of RGB-D sensors like Kinect Azure, Intel RealSense, Orbbec Astra and others.

RecFusion Pro

Multi-Sensor Scanning

With RecFusion Pro you can save time and effort by capturing simultaneously with multiple cameras. Ensure reproducibility and constant scan times by creating your own scanning setup like a scanning booth.

RecFusion SDK

Integrate RecFusion into your application.

With our SDK you can create you own scanning application with minimal effort. All mesh post-processing features are also available and you can integrate any RGB-D sensor by directly supplying the sensor data to the SDK.

Supported Sensors

RecFusion supports a wide variety of RGB-D sensors, such as the Intel RealSense and the Microsoft  Azure Kinect. With the SDK you can use any sensor which provides depth and calibration information.

RecFusion works with:

Sample Scans

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Use RecFusion with all features and single sensor support.

Use RecFusion with all features and multi sensor support.

Integrate RecFusion into your application.


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