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ColorImage Class Reference

#include <Common.h>

8-bit RGB color image More...

Detailed Description

8-bit RGB color image

Public Member Functions

 ColorImage (int width, int height, int channels=3, unsigned char *data=0)
 Construct image and allocate memory. More...
 ~ColorImage ()
 Destroy image and free allocated memory.
int width () const
 Get image width.
int height () const
 Get image height.
int channels () const
 Get image channels.
unsigned char * data ()
 Get pointer to image data.
const unsigned char * data () const
 Get const pointer to image data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ColorImage()

ColorImage ( int  width,
int  height,
int  channels = 3,
unsigned char *  data = 0 

Construct image and allocate memory.

widthImage width
heightImage height
channelsImage channels
dataOptional pointer to data buffer from which to initialize the image.

Throws a std::bad_alloc exception when not enough memory for allocating the image is available

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